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  • DNS fowarder

    Hi, last 3 month i did a migration of AD from 2003 to 2008, many step and troubleshooting was involved, but in summary there is a manual force way to setup the new AD.

    Now, 3 month past, i realize that there is some problem to sent email to certain domain.
    I suspect it is a fowarder issue, but I'm not sure the setting. Attached is my forwarded image.
    Before i capture screen, in the forwarder list the IP of the server (192.168.x.x). What should the right IP to put???
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    Re: DNS fowarder

    why do you think DNS is causing the emails to be undeliverable ?
    Is DNS working generally ?
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      Re: DNS fowarder

      We always use the DNS servers provided to us by our ISP.


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        Re: DNS fowarder

        hi Tehcamel,

        i think it work for the past 3 month until get a call saying that certain domain doesnt accept the email, thus i check in the queue and saw below

        that led me to check the DNS and i remember that the forwarder is Internal IP of the server.

        Now, i don't know which is correct IP to be listed in the forwarder

        Below IP is my DNS hosting 3 party
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          Re: DNS fowarder

          As wullieb1 says, use your ISP's DNS servers as the forwarders. This is what we do as well. If you contact your ISP they will give you the IP addresses.
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            Re: DNS fowarder

            Ok many thanks.
            put in the DNS IP is correct.