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  • Stub Zone

    Hi Folks,

    Why do we need stub zone?
    Stub zone enables parent zone to be aware of authoritative NS of child zones.
    Parent zone doesn't have info about it's child zone?

    Please correct me if I am wrong, and explain...


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    Re: Stub Zone

    In some cases, it may be impossible to resolve the names of the authoritative name servers for a (child) domain. A stub zone provides the glue records necessary to locate these servers.

    Of course, you could add the relevant NS records to the parent zone, but then the name servers in the child domain might not be able to update their own records. You may not want to give the child domain servers permissions to update the parent zone, but giving them the necessary permissions to update a stub zone has no security implications.

    See this article for more detailed information.


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      Re: Stub Zone

      Thank you the reply.

      I did more research on stub zone.
      Stub zone is not required unless the child domain delegation is broken (some org does so).
      Stub zone is not widely used like forwarders.