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Changing DC/DNS Server

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  • Changing DC/DNS Server


    So I am looking to implement new IP adresses my network, simply trying to make it easier to manage.

    Company Info
    -Sonic Firewall (Default Gateway)
    -3 Cisco Switches
    -Wireless(not on network) for guests,phones, tabs.
    -4 Servers - Domain Controller is the DNS Server.
    -9 Network Printers
    -10 Static IP Users
    -DHCP being used for rest of users.

    I am going to take it slow over the next few Saturdays. I was wondering if there is anything I should take into consideration before these steps.

    This Saturday, I am looking to change my Domain Controller's IP address.

    -First, I am going to shut down all computers and printers.
    -Then I am going to shut down all servers except my DC.
    -Then change the IP address on my DC.
    -Restart DC
    -Change DNS on my Firewall & Switches - ***Should this be done here?***
    -Boot Servers, 1 by 1, change DNS to new IP.
    -Boot Computers with static addresses, 1 by 1, change DNS to new IP.
    -Set Printers DNS. If necessary **See Below**

    -Do i need to have a DNS set on network printers? I would like to keep it consistent.
    -Do i need to do anything to DHCP Users? I believe they shouldn't need any changes. I intend to test all of the computers after the switch. Make sure they can see the servers and get to the internet.

    Any and all tips are appreciated,


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    Re: Changing DC/DNS Server

    Don't forget to change the DNS settings on the DC's own NIC, then reboot it, THEN worry about the firewall, switches, etc. You might even want to run a quick 'dcdiag' after the DC's been restarted to make sure nothing has blown up, before you start throwing changes at the rest of your system. If the DC complains, the rest will be trouble.
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      Re: Changing DC/DNS Server

      For DHCP you will also need to make sure that the scope options are updated with the new DNS server address. Before doing that you will need to make sure that the lease period is short enough that your clients will pick it up quickly (1 or 2hrs at most). This means that you need to shorten the lease and wait until the clients are on the short lease (or manually do ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew).

      Once they are on the short lease, change the DNS server IP, follow RicklesP suggestions and then change the DHCP scope options accordingly.

      But, test with a static client first to make sure it works as you expect it to work before changing DHCP.

      I would also make sure you document everything before changing it so that you can easily restore it in case it goes wrong
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        Re: Changing DC/DNS Server

        Thank you Rickles,
        I will do work that into my plan. Much appreciated.

        Thank you too, Blood.
        I will be changing my lease time from 8 days to 2 hour before i leave today(I will be applying the DC IP change tomorrow). Also, I will be following your advice with testing on the Static first.

        Documentation is a must, Thank you. I will be trying to be as thorough as possible.

        Thank you,