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DNS Allocates existing computername

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  • DNS Allocates existing computername


    I have 2 domain controllers on windows 2008.
    Both are synced.

    I have issues with new Linux and Mac computers / servers I add to the Domain.
    While installing a new Linux machine there is an option to add the computer name. This section is always getting filled with the latest installed Linux server / computer name. For example, I installed a new Linux and gave it the name "Linux1". The next Linux I will install will automatically will be filed with the same "Linux1" name on the second installation and all the following installations.

    In Mac computers I have another issue which is that the MAC computer always changes the computer name (when joining the domain) and receives a computername which is already exists in the domain (can be a Windows computer name as well).


    Your help is appreciated.

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    Re: DNS Allocates existing computername

    Your problem is NOT DNS. DNS doesn't allocate names, it simply translates names to IP addresses, if it knows them.

    The naming is between the client PC/server and the AD domain. I have no experience with Linux or Mac, I'll admit, but have you tried creating the computer names in AD, then naming the PCs themselves, and THEN joining them? Windows uses GUID strings to differentiate between different devices, so if they all end up with the same name, what network connectivity are you using? As long as they talk to the network with different NIC GUID strings, they shouldn't all try to grab the same AD object name.
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