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DNS records when hosting multiple websites

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  • DNS records when hosting multiple websites

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could help with configuring dns records for my websites.

    I currently have my first website setup on my windows 2008 server using IIS and it's working fine.

    I recently purchased another domain name and I want to host that website on my windows 2008 server using the same public ip address as my first website.

    I created the new website in IIS and I did the Bindings for both sites to use the same port and IP address.

    What DNS entries would I need to do, so the site can be accessed. I currently have a linux box setup as an external nameserver.

    Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

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    Re: DNS records when hosting multiple websites

    i dont think your going to solve that issue with DNS. the easiest way to accomplish this is with the IIS manager. this assumes that your wesite is not SSL (this requires a few other steps) as the headers are encrypted then and IIS doesnt have a clue what to do with the request. i will also make the assumption that you would like them to operate on the same port 80...

    as far as DNS goes, all you need to do on your public DNS is make an A record for both sites, like so: (the IP is fake, i hope you know that)

    the work of managing the requests will rely on IIS now.

    so open IIS and go to the website you want on the same pubilc IP. right-click and select properties, then in the website tab click 'advanced'...

    if you will notice, the header value is empty. click 'edit.' we are going to put in the name of the site here, just like the public user would type to reach your site. do this for both sites on the same non-SSL port.

    when the request comes in, the srv will check to see the host-header value. when it recognizes that your trying to reach site B, it will refer the request to the proper site.

    if your using SSL, ill have to get back ya. its a little more than that, but i dont feel like typing anything till i know that is where your having problems. there is actually quite a bit here on the subject already.. i dont want to say UTFSE, but UTFSE and you will find plenty of valuable resources daniel has put up for just what you are asking.

    best of luck,
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