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Unexpected nslookup results

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  • Unexpected nslookup results

    I recently came across a problem that I cannot find an answer to.

    I am in a multi domain network, five domains, with 400+ sites across them all.

    I ran nslookup to find the IP of a file server in a different domain to mine and got unusual results. Something like this:

    c:\>nslookup fileserver.domain.wan
    Server: correct dns server
    Address: correct IP address


    so my questions would be:

    1) where is the Name coming from
    2) why is it appending to the original FQDN

    It doesn't happen if I tell the NIC to add the various domain suffixes (on the IPv4 properties > Advanced > DNS tab

    If I manually add an entry to the Hosts file it is ignored.

    Can somebody suggest a route I can take to find the origin of the