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Multiple DNS server on a single network (sort of)

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  • Multiple DNS server on a single network (sort of)

    Situation: All PCs connected to domain ABC.local run very, very slow.

    Details: 30 workstations, 1 network (, 2 domains (ABC.local & XYZ.local). ABC.local has SBS2011Std server (ServerA), XYZ.local has 2003 server (ServerX). Services: ServerA has DHCP, DNS and Exchange, ServerX has DNS.

    All PCs connected to XYZ.local run perfectly fine (even when connecting to ServerA to get emails).

    Just installed ServerA last month, it replaced an old SBS2003.

    Question: Is it the 2 DNS severs that are causing the issue?

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    Re: Multiple DNS server on a single network (sort of)

    There is not enough information in your description to be able to give you an absolute answer.

    If your DNS configuration is not optimally configured for the infrastructure you depicted, then yes you could have some delay. However, there are some many factors that can produce slowness for a client that more information is needed.

    You may want to install a packet capture application and start to analyze the flow of traffic to determine where the actually slowness is occurring.
    JM @ IT Training & Consulting