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    Hi, Ive been tasked with merging 3 domains (3forests) into 1 existing domain and consolidating AD Exchange etc.. and I have a DNS query.
    Each domain is in its own forest but Domain 1 and 2 belong to company A, Domain 3 belongs to company B.
    Company A and B have their own DNS.
    The plan is for the Company B's AD to merge over into Company A Domain 1.
    New DCs will be put in to Company B and both systems will run alongside each other for a while.
    Each domains DNS has Active Directory Integrated Primary type running. there are no secondary zones.
    Am I correct in thinking that once the 2way trusts are in place and the new domain controllers are up and running that no dns changes are required? other than for some A records.

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    Re: DNS query

    You may need referral records... but then again because it's all AD integrated you may not.
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      Re: DNS query

      I'm not quite understanding what your plan is and it's making your question a little fuzzy but I'll say this:

      In order for a Forest Trust to work you need to either configure DNS conditional forwarders from one domain to the other or you need to configure DNS stub zones in each domain for the other domain.

      Whichever you choose, you'll need to leave it in place for the life of the Trust.