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DNS alias question

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  • DNS alias question

    I have local domain of xyzexchange.local and a public domain of I want my users to be able to go to and it point to a local server on my internal domain.

    I have tried to create a new alias record with the following info
    Alias name:
    FQDN for host: I choose the A record for the local server (

    This doesnt seem to work..what am I missing??

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    Re: DNS alias question

    Create a DNS zone either for with a record for shop, or for

    A record in an existing zone will always have the zone suffix
    ( split dns for more info)
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      Re: DNS alias question

      Thanks Ossian for the reply. That did the trick but now my website will not resolve after creating the new zone

      So how can I keep users the ability to go to our corporate ( site but still access our intranet site (


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        Re: DNS alias question

        This is split DNS basically. There are two ways to do it.
        1. Create a new zone for which you then populate with records. As this will appear as authoritative then machines won't try any other server so missing records won't work (like you're seeing).
        2. Create a new zone for which you create a new A record with no name. i.e. create a new zone called, go into that zone and create a new A record but don't fill in the top box just put the IP in the bottom box.

        As soon as you do number 1 then you need all records to be in this copy of the zone. If you just need a single record like www to go to an internal host then choose number 2.

        Make sure you flush any DNS cache before you try.

        Apologies if this is a bit mickey mouse, can't get any screenshots to help from here!

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          Re: DNS alias question

          Option 2 did the trick!

          Thanks for the help guys.