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hosts file and DNS

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  • hosts file and DNS

    Hi all,
    I've some concerns about DNS/hosts file. Let's me say some thing about my lab and issue
    My lab has :

    ++ DNS server (Win2k8 R2): --> call PC1
    ++ Outlook 2k7 PC: --> call PC2.
    ++ Application server (this server support send message by voice ): and domain:

    PC1 is DNS server which is added host of Application servers
    Application server has DNS which is IP of PC1

    ---PC1 can look up domain and IP of Application server.

    ---In Primary DNS of PC2, change into Ip of PC1. And then log into Outlook, I can't use the features of Application server. But if I add domain and host of Application server into "/etc/hosts", I can use all features of Application server by Outlook.

    I don't know why ? Could you help me explain this issue?


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    Re: hosts file and DNS

    What are your clients using as a DNS server??

    Are you adding the FQDN of the application server when you put the entry into your hosts file??

    Basically what is happening is that when your doing name resolution your hosts file is checked if the user cannot find the address from it local cache.

    Because you have an entry for said application server in your hosts file then it will stop looking and use the address that it finds via the hosts file.

    Please review thsi KB article for more information on the name resolution process in Microsofts implemenation of TCP/IP.


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      Re: hosts file and DNS

      Not sure if I got you right, but sounds like your DNS server (PC1) is missing an entry for the application server perhaps?

      If you add a A Record on your DNS server, stating that Application server has IP, than that is what PC2 would go to.

      Could be that perhaps you somehow set a record on the DNS servers host file for the application server somehow?