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Troubleshooting DNS

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  • Troubleshooting DNS

    Started to get these errors on our 2 Windows Server 2003 x32 Servers.

    DNS request timed out.
    timeout was 2 seconds.
    *** Request to timed-out

    If I try again a few seconds later it works OK, change to different website and it'll timeout and then start resolving.

    ISP is adamant that everything is configured OK. If you change the users machines to use external ISP dns then Internet access speeds up, change back to the internal dns and it crawls.

    Nothing has changed, just started happening about a month ago, intermittently. I have updated network card to latest HP version and removed old forwarding zones from DNS.
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    Re: Troubleshooting DNS

    run some wireshark captures, determine exactly what's happening with the traffic.

    Then, take your wireshark captures, go back to the ISP and say "please review this, it shows that your server is failing to respond to ours"
    (or, fix the other problem.)
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