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DNS Entry resolves to an Old IP

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  • DNS Entry resolves to an Old IP


    I recently have trouble with our 4 2003 AD / DNS Servers. Say I install a new PC with an ip Adress it got via DHCP, domain join it, install some Software and later change the ip to static for some reason, or reserve it in dhcp (with another ip it got from dhcp originally) nslookup will work for like 30-45 Minutes until DNS will report it's old IP and things get messy. This is with any DNS Registering device, not only Windows PC's. Printers, Thinclients.. everything.

    What I tried on the Client:
    - ipconfig /release /renew /registerdns OR reset factory defaults on other devices
    - manually change DNS Record on all 4 Servers
    - deleted DHCP lease

    Am I missing something?

    thanks for your input,

    - Tobias

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    Re: DNS Entry resolves to an Old IP

    Have you turned on scavenging??

    Are your DNS records being replicated??

    Flushed the DNS cache on the servers??

    Not really a lot to go on in the post to help otherwise.


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      Re: DNS Entry resolves to an Old IP

      As there are only 4 DCs have you checked each one of them to see which records exist? Which DC are you running nslookup against, does it change per DC too?
      Is your DNS set for secure updates only?

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