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DNS zone _msdcs.domain was not found

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  • DNS zone _msdcs.domain was not found

    OK, here's what I got: 5 domain controllers, all 2008 R2, 3 virtual, 2 physical, with 2 of them acting as global catalogs, and DNS typs is AD-Integrated. On my PDC emulator, which is neither the primary nor secondary DNS server for our domain, I'm getting a rather peculiar result when I run a BPA scan on the DNS server role for this box. It is telling me the following:

    "The Active Directory integrated DNS zone _msdcs.domainname was not found."

    Now, if I expand the DNS server role and drill down to the forward lookup zone for my domain, the _msdcs.domainname zone is there; I can see it. It looks the same as it does on every other DNS server in the domain, and none of the other domain controllers get this or any other non-compliance results. I've tried Google, but can only find results that deal with when the zone is actually missing, but nothing that describes my situation. It's also not giving me any Event Log errors I could use to troubleshoot.

    Anyone seen this before or better yet have a fix for it?

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    Re: DNS zone _msdcs.domain was not found

    One thing to think about is your Global Catalog setting. In 2003 (and I think 2008, not sure), when you had more than 1 DC as the GC, you had to set ALL DCs to GCs. It's an all or nothing rule.

    Try that and see if it helps.
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      Re: DNS zone _msdcs.domain was not found

      OK, narrowed it down to one server, but that didn't affect the zone error.


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        Re: DNS zone _msdcs.domain was not found

        OK, I finally found a solution to this problem here:

        Just scroll down to the post by Tim Baldwin, and if you're still confused, follow up with the post by kgills.


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          Re: DNS zone _msdcs.domain was not found

          Thanks for posting back!
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            Re: DNS zone _msdcs.domain was not found

            No problem. One of the things that still boggles me is that, for months, only one of the DCs would report this error, even though they're all 2008 and I've had no problems with replication. It's only recently that it started appearing on all my DCs, so I ressurected my efforts to find a solution. There doesn't seem to be any harm in leaving it the way it is, I just don't like seeing error messages.