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  • Migrating to a new IP address...


    We are going to be changing our ISP during the next couple of weeks. This will entail a change of IP address too.

    I have never had to deal with such a transition before and would appreciate any advice from those of you who have carried out this procedure. The new IP address will be assigned to a new line. I will keep both lines live until the new line's DNS is functioning properly.

    The IP address will only only used for incoming/outgoing email and for Internet access.

    Here's what I intend to do:

    I will add DNS records as applicable (PTR for email authentication etc), to our various domains so they point to the new IP address.

    We use Webroot for email filtering so I'll add the new IP address there 24hrs after I have updated the domains.

    Presumably, when I plug our router into the new line and email and Internet access is OK I can cancel the contract with our existing ISP and remove the old IP address from the Webroot configuration and the domain configurations.

    Seems suspiciously simple. I must have missed something. Setting up domains involves far more configuration, but this seems too easy.

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    Re: Migrating to a new IP address...

    You should be OK since you are creating new DNS records to point to the new IPs. Otherwise, you would be affected by the TTL if you just performed an update to an existing record.

    When you update the IPs with your mail filtering provider, you are going to add the new IPs, correct so they have both. This way when you pull the plug and reconnect, there should be no outage since they will have all of the IPs.
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      Re: Migrating to a new IP address...

      Thanks for replying, [JM]

      It just seemed too easy. Sometimes you review something and think - there must be more to it than that
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        Re: Migrating to a new IP address...

        This went OK.

        But, I forgot about two things:

        We use Google Apps so staff can access their work email. We use the option to use a remote gateway in the Gmail settings so that all mail sent by staff via Gmail is routed through our email server, allowing us to keep a copy for archiving purposes. I had to update the IP address in the Remote Gateway field.

        I had also forgetten about the domain information in our email servers (we have two here), so I needed to update our IP address on both of those, too.

        And, of course, I had to send out a step-by-step doc telling VPN and IMAP users how to update their settings.
        A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy