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DNS hosting - any reccomendations?

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  • DNS hosting - any reccomendations?

    Our domain\dns hosting is due to expire in the coming months and I was thinking of moving it as its quite exspensive compared to other companies. I was wondering if anyone has any reccomendations? I was going to move to 123 Reg but it was in the news the other day they were being DDOS attacked so Ive had second thoughts.

    Any reccomendations please? Currently we're with Haisoft.


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    Re: DNS hosting - any reccomendations?

    Just because a company is subject to a DDOS attack does not mean their service is sub-standard. Anyone can be subject to a DDOS attack.

    Regarding 123 reg - note there are two: and I have experience of both and would heartily recommend that you go with
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      Re: DNS hosting - any reccomendations?

      Hi I appreciate that anyone is open to a DDOS attack but it just put me off a little anyway - I decided to go with goDaddy as they supplied us with our ssl cert also.