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DNS entry changes

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  • DNS entry changes

    Hi everyone. I need little guidance.
    I have two servers A & B.

    Old scenario
    Server A
    Windows Server 2003 Enterprise
    Domain Controller (DC)
    MS Exchange 2003 Server
    DNS Server

    Server B
    Windows Server 2008 Enterprise
    Additional Domain Controller (ADC)

    Everything was fine until Server A crashed because of its SCSI controller card failure.

    Current Scenario
    I immediately made server B as DC and DNS server and assigned IP as Then I repaired Server A and installed Exchange and assigned
    Everything was out for only until 11:30am next day. DNS record of Server A was changed from to I changed it back to in DNS. Again next day after 11:30am DNS record of Server A was
    Then I installed DNS on server A and made it secondary DNS and assigned it IP address and changed server B (primary DNS) IP address to
    Again same time next day it was changed again but this time server A changed its DNS record from to Now daily I have to update the DNS record for server A.

    Please help me to found out the problem.