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  • New Domain

    Hello everyone thanks for reading

    need some help

    have a new domain from LiveDNS
    bought externel isp ip address
    installed DC, DNS, XCH, and other rules..

    1) what records on my dns should i setup? zone file? zones?
    2) in LiveDNS company, do i need to configure there only my dns server?

    thank you guys

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    Re: New Domain

    If this is for a production configuration, I am not sure that you would want to have your internal and external DNS zones on hosted by the same DNS server on your network. Having this configuration would allow internet users to query your DNS server and query either zone.

    Normally, I would suggest that your internal DNs server(s) host your internal zones and either host your external DNS zone on a set of seperate boxes, or simply host them with your registrar which many of them include with the cost of the domain name so there isnt an extra charge. These registrars already have invested alot of money into their DNS infrastructure, so I think this makes most sense.

    If you are doing this just to learn or set up a lab, then you would have to configure DNS at your registrar to delegate the zone to your servers. They generally ask for two host names for your DNS.
    JM @ IT Training & Consulting


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      Re: New Domain

      I would recommend setting up a split DNS scenario, so your internal AD is called The Primary zone is then automatically called in DNS. You then ensure that you setup Host records that point to the appropriate internal IP address for anything hosted internally.

      For Internet access, setup the same Host records externally with an External DNS provider and those Host records point to the appropriate External IP of your FireWall that re-points the internet client to the internal resource.

      Internally, your cients would use your internal DNS. No external access will be provided or is required.


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        Re: New Domain

        tnx for the answers guys
        will try to do what you have both suggested.
        have a great week


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          Re: New Domain

          hey virtual...Its refreshing to see someone else suggest using the same internal and external domain name with a split-DNS configuration. I have gotten get some not so good feedback in the past for that type of design from other admins. What I most like about that option is the simplicity in naming for the end user with regard to accessing resources.


          I just want to add that if you go with this option, you have to keep in mind that the LdapIPAdress record may get in your way, if you have a website using the same domain name.

          For instance, if your company is called and you use the same internal and external name, your DCs will register host records called "" with their IPs on the internal DNS zone. So internally if you open a browser and type, DNS will resolve back to the IPs of all of the DCs. Your users will not be able to access their corporate website using that URL. They would have to resort to using from the internal network.

          Since I usually favor this naming option, I implement a work around, but you have to evaluate each scenario to see if this work around will not impact other name resolution requirements. The work around involves preventing the DCs from registering the LdapIPAddress. You may want to take a look at this summary for more information: I find that having the same internal and external name works very nicely for most AD implementations.
          JM @ IT Training & Consulting