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DNS on Windows Server

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  • DNS on Windows Server


    Question on DNS. We are running windows server 2003 Dns services

    Ipaddress of server
    Primary DNS

    The DNS is listening on, Then forwarder to our ISP external address.

    The Question is we have a domain say batman.local Can I just add in New Zone, Stub Zone (tick in box store in AD)
    To all DNS server in batman.local
    Can I Then add records in Host record External IP address and internal internal of 192.168.5.* /24

    So the internal DNS looks up batmain.local and Or do I need split DNS?


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    Re: DNS on Windows Server

    I am not very clear on your description, but if your internal namespace is batman.local, you wouldnt create a stub zone. You would need to create a primary zone and if DNS is running on a DC, you can store the zone in Active Directory. The other DCs running DNs will automatically load the zone so you dont need to create secondaries or stubs.

    If you need to replicate the zone to a DNS server not running on a DC, then yes, you'll need to create a secondary zone (stubs zones do not have all of the records of the zone, just SOA and NS).

    with regard to, if this is an external domain name, there is no reason to create a primary zone on your internal DNs servers (split-DNS). What you could do is create a conditional forward and point it to the DNS servers that are hosting this zone, to cut down on resolution time going through the normal process, UNLESS this conditional forward is the same IP(s) as where you forward to already, then conditional forwarders are not needed.
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      Re: DNS on Windows Server

      What do you want to achieve?