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DNS config

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  • DNS config

    Hi All,
    This is probably a stupid question however, Best to have a few views on this first!

    So i have DNS 2003 AD intergated on about 7 DC's as various sites.

    It has been decided that only 2/3 of these DNS servers will have external access. So basically only 2 or 3 DNS servers will send things to the web........How do i set this up? how do i make the internal DNS servers forward to the 2/3 boxes that can go to the web? All DNS boxes will be inside the firewall the sites all link to the main site to get internet access.

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    Re: DNS config

    I'm assuming you mean that only 2/3 of the servers will perform recursive queries for external domains. If so, then on the 1/3 servers you'll configure them to use the 2/3 servers as forwarders for "All other DNS domains", with the option enabled for "Do not use recursion for this domain". Then when a DNS client queries one of the 1/3 DNS servers for a domain that the server isn't authoritative for, the 1/3 server will forward the query to one of the 2/3 DNS servers for resolution, which will then perform a recursive query and return the answer to the originating server, which will then return the answer to the client. If the 2/3 DNS server can't resolve the query then the originating 1/3 DNS server will not perform recursion for the client and will return a negative answer to the client.