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    Hi there,

    The DNS in our place is shot, it has never been good and I think it is the cause of a lot of the slow downs on our networks but I need proof that it is the problem so I can get it sorted. I work in an IT department where certain people think they know it all when there is a problem and they will not let others step in to resolve it.

    We have 2 data centres BR & PAG. Each site has 2 AD boxes both running DNS, these are on the same domain. Above our domain we have another domain (the forest) as we have a trust with another domain (NLG) which is part of the same forest. Also we have a trust between our domain and the local authority.

    The DNS settings on each box is to point to its own IP (not using and it the points to each of the other 3 DC's. In the DNS forwarders it it points to the forest DC and the NLG one. The forest DC then points to the external DNS servers.

    Now I think each DC should only have as its DNS setting in the network connections for each adapter. Then everything else is dealt with in the forest.

    As per the local authority as we have a trust it will talk to its own DNS, am I correct?

    Is there a white paper I can use to show how the DNS should be setup on a 2003 DC? Just want the network to run better and I think this will resolve a lot of issues we have.

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    Re: DNS Config

    A few comments...

    with regard to the DNS server's TCP/IP settings, it is Ok that it points to itself and the other DNS servers at the site. These IP settings do not affect the DNS Server Service. These settings are used by the OS itself to resolve host names. The DNS server service is going to use its configuration to resolve queries as it receives them.

    It sounds like if the DNS servers at these two sites should be configured to forward to the parent domain DNS servers, but to use "conditional fowarding" for the NLG domain, rather than including DNS servers from that trusted domain in the fowarding list. If by chance your DNS forwards to NLG and the NLG is configured to forward to the parent DNS servers, then you just added an extra hop for no reason. If your clients need to resolve hosts in the NLG domain, conditional forwarding is a better fit.
    JM @ IT Training & Consulting