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Multiple DNS Servers?

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  • Multiple DNS Servers?

    Hi All, we have 7 sites, each with a Server 2003, running AD, & DNS, all are GC's & linked by a slwo to Meduim WAN link

    THe 1st Main site reports NSLOOKUP as an authoritative DNS server, but the others do not

    Can we/Should we make the others also authoritive, And how??

    DNS lookups at remote sites seem slow (Are the polling the main site?)

    Thanks All

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    Re: Multiple DNS Servers?

    If only the main site is showing as authoritative then it sounds like you're not using AD Integrated zones and the other DNS server weren't setup as secondary zones.

    If all the DC's are also DNS servers you should switch the zone to AD Integrated. With AD Integrated zones all the DC's would have a primary zone (and thus editable) that would be replicated with AD traffic instead of zone transfers which would improve efficiency. Also, assuming there is no secondary zone on the DC's, DNS queries would dramatically improve.

    Of course this is speculation on your setup so please let us know how your DNS servers and zones are configured.

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      Re: Multiple DNS Servers?

      again, I'm on Jeremy's page.

      Each DC should point to itself, as first DNS server.
      Configure forwarders to go back to the main server
      configure your DHCP scope to point the name servers to the servers at the local site first
      you'd obviously also need to add a fall-back, so if both servers were down, it would automatically go to the 3rd server.
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