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Authoritative DNS server returning private IP

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  • Authoritative DNS server returning private IP

    We have a WindowsServer 2008 box, acting as an authoritative/public DNS server. The server is behind a firewall, and has a private IP address.

    We've setup the necessary host records, and everything works fine if someone on the internet browses to or, etc...

    The problem is if they leave out the www or ftp, and just go to The result, is that it resolves to the private IP of our DNS server, which obviously won't work on the public internet. Likewise, if they try to ping, it resolves to the private IP.

    In the DNS console of the server, I can see there is a host (A) record with the private IP, with the host name listed as (same as parent folder). This record is automatically created, and if I delete it, it just automatically comes back after a little while.

    If it matters, the DNS zone is Active Directory integrated.

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this, so the server stops responding to DNS queries with it's private IP?
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