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External DNS for SBS users

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  • External DNS for SBS users

    Hello there
    I have a client who has established a second office away from where their SBS 2008 server is located.
    Ideally I would like for the 3 or 4 workstations in the new premises to be able to resolve to the server without deploying a VPN (data will be stored locally on a NAS).
    Is there a way of authticating with DNS on the SBS server remotely in a secure manner? Or is this an all round bad idea?

    Cheers for any help

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    Re: External DNS for SBS users

    Without using a VPN probably not.

    I certainly wouldn't want to publish my internal DNS servers on the internet.

    Is there a eason why you don't want to setup a secure VPN tunnel to the head office site???


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      Re: External DNS for SBS users

      Hello and thanks for your reply
      One reason is performance and the other is a practical reason. The new remote office shares an internet connection with another company. Tying a VPN connection to the router will impact on performance, which will I suspect, lead to complaints from the other guys. This leaves me with workstation network settings only to play with. I guess I was hoping for too much...


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        Re: External DNS for SBS users

        I'd be looking at instaling a dedicated line just for them then if that was the case.


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          Re: External DNS for SBS users

          You can deploy a RODC at the remote site to facilitate domain logon and DNS functionallity. You'll need to connect both offices whenever you make a change to AD so that replication to the RODC can occur.
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            Re: External DNS for SBS users

            I bet that setting up a VPN will not imapct the connection as much as you think it might. Have tried it out?
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              Re: External DNS for SBS users

              This may be resolved a better way....
              Firstly why do you even need these machines to query a DNS server from a remote site?

              Usually the reason for this is to access local resources over there but you don't want to create a VPN. So why the hell do you want to query a DNS server at a remoate site if you aren't going to access this site for anything else??
              Maybe explaining this will allow us to give you an alternative...

              It sounds like it may be better adding these DNS zones at the local site instead which will resolve the local NAS device.