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What is _msdcs.domainname mean?

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  • What is _msdcs.domainname mean?


    I have inquiry about _msdcs.domainname.

    On my DNS server Forward Lookup Zone, there not only have my Domain Name, however there also have _msdcs.domainname.

    1. May I know whar purpose of _msdcs.domainname?
    2. Can I delete _msdcs.domainname?
    3. The _msdcs under my domainname is gray, is it normal?

    Can help me on this?
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    Re: What is _msdcs.domainname mean?

    Originally posted by kynixtanls View Post

    Originally posted by kynixtanls View Post
    1. May I know whar purpose of _msdcs.domainname?
    Of course, but it comes at a price. Fortunately though you can find this out for free by using an administrator's best friend: .

    Originally posted by kynixtanls View Post
    Can I delete _msdcs.domainname?
    As you can see in your screenshot, it contains some vital information, so no. I have to ask... why on earth would you want to delete it?

    Originally posted by kynixtanls View Post
    The _msdcs under my domainname is gray, is it normal?
    Doesn't appear like that on the DNS console in front of me, but then you don't give much detail about your DNS environment - what OS it's running on, whether the zones are AD-integrated, whether the zones accept secure and/or insecure updates etc - which may or may not be relevant. Since you don't mention any errors, I assume dcdiag and netdiag don't highlight any problems for you, likewise there's nothing in the Event Log to worry about. Somebody may know the significance of that particular icon, but two questions:
    1. has it always been that way?
    2. is it causing you any problems?

    If the answers are yes and no respectively, then I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
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      Re: What is _msdcs.domainname mean?

      the _msdcs and other zone records that contain underlines and things like that, are an integral part of Active directory.

      If you delete them, everything will go to hell in a hand basket. They contain Service(SRV) records that tell the computesr on your network how to look up things like the global catalog, domain controllers, an kerberos services etc.

      They are very important.
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