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    We have a network with an exchange server / dns server box & a online booking web app server box.

    the domain is somedomain DOT com

    The dns server tells the clients that the exchange server is at
    The dns server has a www record so the clients can go to the company web site located elsewhere on the internet at a www DOT someOTHERdomain DOT com

    But that web site has a mechanism in it that makes queries to the online booking web app server in the building at an http somedomain DOT com.

    This will work from the outside as http:somedomain resolves to our public ip
    but somedomain DOT com on the inside resolves to as we would like so as to keep outlook exchange client happy, but we get a 404 error on the web site portion that is coming back to our domain from a local client, as is not where port 80 is forwarded to but via the public ip.

    If we use a ISP dns entry in the clients then resolves to the publc ip and all is well accessing the online booking content portion of the web site, but the outlook resolves it's exchange server to the public ip and all hell breaks loose with the familiar "connect to exchange server" dialog at startup.

    Is there anyway to FORCE outlook to always look to as it's exchange server location so we can have http somedomain DOT com resolve to the public ip. This is not a www record issue.

    If we put in the check name section of outlook it will work once, returning the local netbios name but then will smartly revert back to the fqdn.

    When the online booking portion of the web site that access our box used the ip it all worked of coarse but we got tired of changing the code when we changed isps and statics so we (smartly) began using the fqdn to access back to out web content box. and now it's a broke.

    I hope I am somewhat clear.

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