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  • DNS Setup / Configuration

    Hi All,

    Could someone please advise me how to setup DNS between 2 sites. This is the situation:

    Site A has DCA.domain.local running DNS and has access to the internet. I have just setup Site B which will have DCB.domain.local and am yet to setup DNS on the server (currently residing on site A). DCA and DCB are in the same domain. I would like DCB to be a secondry DNS server for the domain so that it replicates both DNS and AD across the VPN between the 2 sites. Each site has an independant internet connection.

    Both servers are running Windows 2003 std.

    Is this possible and if so how would I go about setting it up.

    Please help.


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    Re: DNS Setup / Configuration


    As you mentioned that they are in same domain. if these two boxes are DC then just make sure that you configure the dns on DCB to be AD intergrated. It will automatically replicate AD along with DNS since it's AD intergrated. Both DCA and DCB DNS needs to be AD Intergrated.
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      Re: DNS Setup / Configuration

      I would do as v2nas suggested - promote the domain controller and make sure that AD Integrated DNS is configured.

      For the two servers though, I would then ensure they have separate forwarders configured for the non-domain zones
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