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Move of Mail relay (MX Record)

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  • Move of Mail relay (MX Record)

    We need to move our mail relay (Barracuda Spam Firewall) to a new IP.

    We have multiple domains that are accepted by this device, a couple of which are not controlled by us, so it will take some time to get the MX and/or DNS records changed.

    What is the best practice for this?

    Options we have thought of.

    1. Add another MX record to the new IP.
    Ex: MX 10 MX 10 A <current IP> A <future IP>

    If this option, should we use the same preference or a lower preference for one or the other?

    2. Add another A record for the current MX record.
    Ex: MX 10 A <current IP> A <future IP>

    If this option, will sending mail server try the second A record if the first one fails?

    3. Just change the A records for each domain when near the time the IP change is made (more difficult to coordinate with 2 other domain owners near the holidays.

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    Re: Move of Mail relay (MX Record)


    Use option 1 with new mx at higher preference so that when the lower preference one is not available the connections will be made to the high mx pref. mx record.

    In option 2 mx with same preference you really can't control which one will be picked up dns server and referred to the server to make connections with.
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      Re: Move of Mail relay (MX Record)

      Good point, Thanks for the suggestion.