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Use Local SMTP with Common Domain Name

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  • Use Local SMTP with Common Domain Name

    We have all of our printers set to SMTP.DOMAIN.COM with a local DNS lookup to a server at our headquarters. This is for document scanning to email. There's a lot of them across five remote offices.

    We set up a series of 2016 Exchange servers, one in each remote office. Now we want the printers in each office to use the local Exchange servers instead of coming back to HQ.

    Ideas we had so far were regional DNS names like SMTP.OFFICE1.DOMAIN.COM, SMTP.OFFICE2.DOMAIN.COM, etc., but we'd like something more elegant, especially for DR scenarios where a local Exchange server is unavailable so we don't have to edit DNS settings multiple times.

    Is there any way to use SMTP.DOMAIN.COM in all offices and only print locally?