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DNS replication problem

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  • DNS replication problem

    Im having a strange issue, at least I think its strange.

    We are running windows server 2008 R2 domain controllers all with integrated AD zones

    Ive been playing with this and seeing wierd things.

    When I create a CNAME record on one of the DCs, it gets created as expected.

    After I force or wait for replication to occur, the cname record replicates, but it gets created in a new folder within the forward lookup zone, not as a single entry in the zone.

    We need this to be a single record in the forward lookup zone, not as a record within a folder under the forward lookup zone.

    Also, on some of the servers, when I create the cname record, it INSTANTLY gets created in a folder with the same name as the record in the zone.

    It seems like the record is cached or stored somewhere in AD, and even after I delete the record, make sure its completely gone on all of the servers.

    Has anyone seen this behavior, and do you know how to prevent it?


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    Re: DNS replication problem

    Can you post a screen shot, any event error /warning.
    What is you AD and DNS Topology FFL/DFL
    Parent-Child, Flat Heir...
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