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DNS Entries Instead of etc\hosts

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  • DNS Entries Instead of etc\hosts

    Hello everyone,

    I need to make two public IP addresses to be resolved with particular FQDNs that do not belong to us and our domain.

    As an example: - - -

    From what I know, the customers made firewall rules for our office public IP address to be accessible. and are not propagated world-wide, only the public IP addresses seem to be working.

    I understand that instead of manually change all etc\hosts files on our company laptops, I can make a change on our DNS server to point to and when our employees try to access and, respectively. I just don't know how to do it.

    The employees aren't going to access the sites outside of our network.

    We have Windows Server 2008 as a DNS server.

    Any help (especially, with instructions) is much appreciated as I have basic understanding of DNS server configuration.

    P.S. I tried adding "Stab zone" and then adding "Secondary zone" by adding the zone names for FQDNs and adding public IPs, in both cases I got the same error (attached).

    Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

    As I mentioned earlier, these are not world-wide propagated sites. There is only an exception in the firewall rules, to allow only our office public IP.

    And again, as I mentioned earlier, this should work with the same idea as etc\hosts file, but for everyone accessing our DNS server, not to change the files themselves (etc\hosts) on every machine.

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    It is resolved now.

    I create a new forward zone (primary), added A host with the correct IP and that's it.