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    if I run a nslookup on my domain (eg nslookup; then mydomain.local) it returns the IP addresses for my two domain controllers PLUS the IP address of a server that doesn't exist (or no longer exists idk I inherited this network). I can find records for it in dns but am a little nervous to just delete them - anybody ever had this before? I'm afraid the old dc was incorrectly removed but don't have access to the former admins.

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    You can safely delete the erroneous DNS records. It is common for these records to not be cleaned up. I've run into that pretty much anytime I work on a new client.

    Look in AD to see if there are any additional DCs besides the ones you know about. If there are then you'll probably have to do the metadata clean up (if you know they aren't online).

    If for some reason the DC is still alive and running and you delete the DNS record, restarting the netlogon service on the DC will create any necessary DNS records.

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      Thanks Jeremy - that helps a lot!