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Need to resolve external domain although zone is internal

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  • Need to resolve external domain although zone is internal

    Hi there,

    Not the best at DNS so please bear with me.

    We have DNS on 2012 server with several zones. One of the zones we added: is required to resolve several A records internally however, we have a sub domain: which is hosted by AWS. If our internal users try to access via a web browser it will result in 'Page cannot be displayed' which presumably because it tries to resolve through this zone. If I delete the zone it will work once I flush dns on my machine. So I guess what I am asking what is the method (if any) to force externally?

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Have you put a record for abc (IP pointing to AWS) inside your internal domain?
    (That assumes you want one record only)
    If you need more than one, create a new DNS zone and put in records - I have just tested this and they resolve OK
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      Thank you Ossian,

      Think I was overlooking the simple method you suggested. We need the the zone for various SRV records and no doubt this will grow. As you suggested I created A record with abc created in zone with external IP which resolves fine.

      Thanks again much appreciated.