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Migrate DNS from Win Srv 2003 to Win Srv 2012R2

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  • Migrate DNS from Win Srv 2003 to Win Srv 2012R2

    Hi Folks,

    first off I'm not so able with DSN and stuff like that and my company is so big that it's almost impossibile to talk to a sys admin.
    I work for this company, that I'll call "DELTACORP", since few years and I've inherited a virtualized (with VMServer 1.0.3) Windows 2003 Server machine used as DNS for a third level dadicated to my departement: "". Active Directory is not installed because we don't use it.
    I'd like to migrate my DNS server running on a very obsolete platform, that is causing me a lot of trubles, on a Windows Server 2012R2 machine. My question is: for using my new Windows 2012R2 machine as DNS for "" domain what I have to do? Is it enough that it has the same IP address, tha same name and the same DNS file database of the old machine or it is necessary a sort of "authorization" from "" dns server? Thanks in advance. Filomena

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    Have you seen this for migrating DNS from stand-alone servers:
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      Hi Blood, thanks for your reply. I'll read that article hoping is good for me. I let you know. Bye