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mx record for a different domain

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  • mx record for a different domain

    Sorry if this has been answered before but the question is too general so i could not come up with any decent keywords to search.

    I have
    a) mail.domain-old.local mailserver (kerio) with let say
    b) mail2.domain-new.local mailserver (exchange 2010) with lets say

    obviously the mail servers are on different domains

    i wish to migrate from a->b
    during the migration process (a lot of big pst files) i want to forward email from a->b.

    so, in pdc.domain-old.local i put an A record for mail2

    i log on to the mail.domain-old.local that has 2 ip addresses on its nic so it can reach both domains
    telnet mail2 25
    mail from: [email protected]
    rcpt tp: [email protected]
    and the mail arrives to the mail2.domain-new.local

    but if i try to send email through kerio mail server it says 4.4.3 dns lookup failed.
    i suspect its because its trying to find mx record for mail2 and cant.

    how can i fix this?
    or is there a simpler way to do this ?

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    Re: mx record for a different domain

    ok, i added a new accepted domain to exchange mail2.dummyDomain.local
    added a new domain to my old domain pdc called dummyDomain.local and added A host for mail2 and mx record for mail2.

    issue solved