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Backup DNS not answering

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  • Backup DNS not answering

    I have what I believe is an odd problem and I hope someone can help me. I have two DNS servers both IP's are being passed out by DHCP. If I loose the Primary DNS server the secondary isn't responding to query's. Both servers are updating each other. All records are correct on both servers. But if the primary goes down I would think that the client would then look at the secondary DNS server to resolve requests.
    It does work if I change the primary IP to the secondary DNS and then do a ipconfig /renew then it works again. I dont think I should have to make any changes.
    The way I am thinking is if the primary DNS server goes down then the clients should goto the secondary DNS to resolve requests without any changes.
    The client has the correct IP infomation, so if it isn't able to resolve the name at the primary then the client should look at the secondary.

    Any help would be great.