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  • DNS resolution

    I moved the Domain Roles RID, PDC and INFO Structure from a DC"2003" I demoted to new DC "2012" server. Side note I have 2 locations using two different subnets 192.168.0.xx and 192.168.1.xx both are on the same Domain and have two DC's at each location. I can ping across all servers, computers, etc and run a search \\server name and see all my shares across the subnets, but the problem is I cant see the servers and computers when I look in network and sharing center, I only see servers and computers local to that subnet. This is an issue when I try to map folders and the server is not listed?

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    1. Why do you think you need to see the servers in order to map network drives to their shares? You don't. It may make it easier by allowing you to browse for their shares, but it isn't a technical requirement.

    2. Network browsing is facilitated largely through NetBIOS and broadcasting, not DNS. As such, you either need to allow broadcast traffic to traverse the connection between the two sites or you need to implement WINS.


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      Thank you and Sorry I posted via DNS if that was not the issue. Wins is setup on the servers should all four DC's be listed in Wins or just the Two local to that Subnet?


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        This may shed some light on it for you:
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          That worked thank you very much, turning on computer browsing services.