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Changing IP address of DC and DNS

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  • Changing IP address of DC and DNS

    Hi All,

    I need to se tup a new server and which will be take over the current IP of current server Which is DC, DNS and DHCP too.

    So I need to change the current IP of Current Server to another one within the same IP range.

    Please Kindly advice me what must I do?
    I know that I need to change a lot in DNS.

    But I want to be sure before I start.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Thu Ya

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    Re: Changing IP address of DC and DNS

    On the old server:
    Add a second IP address
    Change DHCP to use this address for DNS
    Exclude half the addresses from DHCP scope
    Wait for DHCP clients to update (or force an update by script)
    Remove the old IP address

    On the new server:
    Setup / DCPROMO / Add DNS and DHCP roles
    Configure DNS to AD integrated and check for synchronisation
    Configure IP address (after it has been removed from old server)
    Configure DHCP (same subnet, and exclude addresses still on old server)

    On old server:
    unauthorise DHCP

    On clients:
    Grab new IP address from new server

    On new server:
    Unexclude remainder of DHCP scope
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      Re: Changing IP address of DC and DNS

      Thanks Ossian,

      I found some other infos regarding changing IP on DNS server.
      Tonight, I will change IP based no your advice and others. (I will test on this afternoon).
      I believe it's quite simple and should not be problem.
      I will get you back when I complete.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Thu Ya


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        Re: Changing IP address of DC and DNS

        Hi Ossian,

        I changed the IP address successfully with some extra effort.
        My procedures are like that.

        First, I add the new IP (,in IP, DNS and WINS in the properties of TCP/IP.
        I add the new host A record of server with new IP in DNS forwarding list.
        I add the new IP in the DHCP settings.

        Second, I add the new server IP in the DNS and WINS server list of other servers.

        I did these during office hour.
        After office hour( They left at about 10 PM ) I change the IP to new one. I change to new IP in DNS settings. (SOA and Name Servers) and I remove the host A record of server with old IP (
        I removed the Old IP from DNS, DHCP and WINS from all ( I meant from both servers)

        And after that, I run the following commands:

        1) ipconfig /flushdns
        2) net stop dns
        3) net start dns
        4) net stop netlogon
        5) net start netlogon
        6) ipconfig /registerdns

        Everything is fine now. But about after 15 minutes, cannot access to server and when I check, I fount out that Host A record in DNS forwarding list is changed back to old IP. I change back to new one. but after 15 minutes later, it change back to old IP. I am not sure which setting is overwriting that.

        Anyway, finally, I find in registry all about old IP ( and replaced with new IP and all gone fine.

        So, can someone tell me which is changing back the new IP to Old one?

        Thanks and Regards,

        Thu Ya