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Point machine to internal KMS Server

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  • Point machine to internal KMS Server

    Good day all..

    I have a machine that is part of our domain, but because it is located outside of our offices, it uses an external DNS server provided by an ISP. The problem I am having is getting it to activate via our internal KMS server. Any suggestions on how I might accomplish this? TIA..

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    Re: Point machine to internal KMS Server

    Set up a VPN?
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      Re: Point machine to internal KMS Server

      I beleive that these hosts only need to communicate with the KMS server at least once every six months. If this machine is that disconnected, is there a point to having it on the domain?

      In regards to maintaining its activation, can you simply use MAK (multiple activation key) for this computer?

      If you have several machines that are in this situation, the VPN recommendation would work best so that you can mitigate the KMS issue as well as any other challanges you may be having with the proper management of this domain joined computer (patch management, configuration management, etc...).
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        Re: Point machine to internal KMS Server

        Thanks for the inital ideas.. Would it be possible to specify locally on the machine what my licensing servers IP/port info are..possibly a modification to the host file?

        @JM .. You are correct, our patching, troubleshooting and a few other key componenets are needed which is why they are part of the domain instead of stand alone.

        Thanks again for the assistance..


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          Re: Point machine to internal KMS Server

          Exposing your KMS servers to the internet is not a really good idea. The internet could use your KMS server to activate licenses.
          Assuming you make use of windows 7/2008R2, you could setup DirectAccess.

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            Re: Point machine to internal KMS Server

            DirectAccess requires more then just windows 2008 or Windows7.
            You also need ipv6, pki an IMHO TMG or UAG or you need a passthrough to an onther machine. Even with TMG it is a bit of a hassle.

            The easiest solution is already being pointed out by Tom. Setup VPN, either client VPN or site-to-site VPN.
            Depending on the firewall you have, you might also think about SSL VPN
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