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Intranet and two domains

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  • Intranet and two domains

    I have a network problem that I am trying to figure out.

    I have 2 domains in separate states connected by a VPN. I am hosting a intranet on Domain A and I have it set as the default webpage for all my users but it is on Port 83 not 80. I use the IP address and all is well and good.

    I recently rebuilt the Intranet using DotNetNuke and have it on standard port 80 for the build and test. Everyone on my domain can see it and everything is working. But when I remote desktop in to the server in Domain B and try to connect to the same address but without the :83 I get sent to a construction page on network solutions with the actual server name in the address bar.

    For example say on my domain A ip resolves to machine name WEBBY. When I enter the address bar resolves to http://WEBBY/ but shows the contruction page not my intranet.

    I have the DNS set with a forwarder from Domain B to Domain A's DNS server and have a static route setup to forward all thru the VPN.

    If I tracert to the IP address I get a 1 hop across the VPN to the right server.

    I even shut down the Old intranet on Port 83 in IIS and changed the port on the new one from 80 to 83 and still get the construction page.

    Am I missing somthing?

    The same server is hosting both websites one on port 80 (new Intranet) and one on Port 83 (old Intranet).

    the address's are the same and one works the other doesn't.

    Any Ideas?