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Server 2008 64bit DNS Issue

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  • Server 2008 64bit DNS Issue

    Hi all,
    My problem i related to DNS. Let me first explain how my connection looks like. My DNS/AD/DHCP server is connectect to the switch -->router --> and it goes again to the switch where vlan is setup for internet connection. My problem is as follow. Periodicaly i cannot access websites and after refresh website opens. I installed wiresharek and find that client computer send request to the dns server and server send request to forwarder and sometimes didnt get respond for it, sometimes dns server didnt send reqest to forwarder and gives server failed respond. My dns server have two forwarders setup, dns resolution works fine internal. to check if its dns server issue i put one of the forwarders dns adress in my computer tcp/ip settings and still get the same problem. Than i setup second router and connect it to one of the ports of my vlan for internet connection,(omit dns server and first router) with that connection website browsing was working ok. My question is do any one of you had similiar issue with dns on 2008 server, couse I dont know if my router is bad or there is something wrong with my server. There is also cisco pix 506 connected to one of my vlan ports, but its only for vpn clients. Sometimes browsing works greate and other time not. Please help me where to look for resoultion. Thanks

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    Re: Server 2008 64bit DNS Issue

    Sorry, I'm not understanding the network structure -- can you post a picture (jpg or bmp) with some examples of IP addresses

    What you're saying (as I understand it) is that the DNS server is OK internally, but forwarding does not work. Have you tried using the root hints?
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      Re: Server 2008 64bit DNS Issue

      Yes, dns internally works ok. With root hints same thing.
      server IP
      On switch I have VLan for internet connection.
      Applying ISP dns server into my TCP/ip on my laptop I have same issue.
      When I connect my other router to vlan on switch browsing works fine but than I omit server and old router.
      On wiresharek I see periodicaly server, failed.
      I see that my dns server sometimes doesnt send query to forwarder and sometimes if sends it doesnt get respond form frowarders. I got 2 forwarders assign. And as I say browsing works fine i periodicaly you have to refresh couple times to acces web site. on windows server I have ad/dhcp/dns
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