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DNS - Non-authorative answer

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  • DNS - Non-authorative answer

    I keep getting the following non-authorative answer:

    Other DC's of that child domain do not get that, they show all the GC's
    I'm using 2008 Server.
    The orginal problem started when I noticed that the child PDC could not contact a GC when I was trying to create a new user.

    I been checking all my DNS entried on Forest domain controllers and child domain controllers and everything looks correct.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advanced

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    Re: DNS - Non-authorative answer

    non-authoritative answer means you received a cached answer from a server that's not authoritative.

    what address are you trying to resolve.
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      Re: DNS - Non-authorative answer

      I'm trying to resolve to the DNS servers in the child domain.
      The IP DNS entries point to the server itself with the issue and another DNS server in that child domain.
      The 2 other child domains do not have the issue.
      On the PDC in the child domain at the command prompt I entered:
      nslookup gc._msdcs.(my
      the results were the server itself and the non-authoritve ip address

      If i do the same entry on another DNS server in that child domain the results are itself and all other DNS servers from the same child domain, another child domain and the forest domain


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        Re: DNS - Non-authorative answer

        Have you got forwarders or root hints on the DNS server that point to "OpenDNS"?


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          Re: DNS - Non-authorative answer

          Make sure that all of your internal clients are using internal DNS servers for name resolution. In addition, the DNS server hosting the parent domain should have information about the child domain DNS domain name (either by holding a secondary zone, stub zone, conditional forwarding, etc..) and the same as for the child DNS server holding the child domain. It needs to know about the parent DNS domain.
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