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Prevent replication of DNS record

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  • Prevent replication of DNS record

    I have another AD question for all you wonderful AD pros out there, this time regarding DNS.

    I want to have a DNS record for but I would like this on site A to report to the loca mail server, then on site B to the local mail server there.
    So, for example, Site A would be and when the queury is resolved from DNS server on Site B it's and so on.

    I thought I could do this by removing my current 'mail' records from forward lookup zone, create a new '' zone and create an A record, but I can't see how to prevent it from just replicating this to all the other DNS servres. Even in the replication options I only have the choice of servers in the Domain, servers in the forest or all servers... Frustrating!

    Please help.

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    Re: Prevent replication of DNS record

    You won't be able to achieve that using DNS.

    You'd be looking at something like a GSS (Global Site Selector) I think.

    I may be wrong.


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      Re: Prevent replication of DNS record

      Is the name of your internal DNS namespace or is it an additional zone that you created? If it's an additional zone that you created and it's AD integrated then delete it and create a new non-AD integrated zone on each DNS server and add the appropriate records. Each zone on each server will only have the server where the zone is hosted listed as name servers for the zone, and since it's not AD integrated it won't replicate to any other DNS server.