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  • mx record


    anyone knows how can configure mx record in domain)?

    i have one server 2003 with exchange 5.5 on's connected to internet.

    the domain conected to my static ip.

    the domain reached to my rauter-that is open port on nat 443 to the insert ip of the server.

    is any trafic i need to configure except of the mx record?


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    Re: mx record

    Well first of all with Dyndns you would not be able to register a Indipendent domain for free...they will prceed your name with some thing or other.......but anyways...I am also a little confused with this MX record on dyndns part......

    secondly port 443 is for Https......for basic exchange communication you need SMTP 25(TCP) configure that on your router and forward it to exchange server........

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      Re: mx record

      of course i opened port 25,but i want to work with secure site.

      do i need to register the domain (dyndns)at dns server? or perhaps i just linked it to my static ip and it is enough.

      and if it enough,how to register mx record (what to write-my exchange not recognize on dns)and if not on DYNDNS, so where?



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        Re: mx record

        Get your ISP to add the MX Record to there DNS Server. No need to use dyndns.
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          Re: mx record

          Does zilcali actually have a vailid domain name, seems a little strange that he is using DYDNS on a static IP is he has a valid domain name.

          Doesnt DYDNS have a little client that you have to install that registers the IP for that name?

          Havent used it for a very long time.


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            Re: mx record

            " have one server 2003 with exchange 5.5"

            Sure about that? That combination isn't supported.

            DynDNS just provides you with a host name. There is an option inside their configuration to accept email as well, which you just need to enable.

            Although I don't see the point personally. You are saving less than $10. Register your own domain then you can do things correctly.

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