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Domain forest issue with domains with similar names

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  • Domain forest issue with domains with similar names

    I've attempted to do a search on similar issues, but haven't found anything that comes close to the situation I'm in so I decided to create a new thread. I hope that the forum gods will forgive me for posting such a thread as a noob.

    Let me give some background on the situation of where it WAS and where it is NOW. It's quite complicated so please bear with me.

    - organization has 2 buildings in close proximity but separate internal networks and separate internet connections
    - each location has a 2003 server domain controller
    - location 1 - server was setup as and ran as a local DC/DNS with about 40 users
    - location 2 - server was setup as and ran as local DC/DNS with about 60 users

    This setup wasn't great but such as it is, it was working well. The locations weren't connected nor was there a desire to do so, or so I thought.

    A new location was setup this year and the new location 3 was to be the central HQ. A MPLS WAN was setup to connect all three sites to share a single internet connection out of location 3.

    A 3rd DC was setup as (live domain) at location 3 with about 30 users.

    Each location ran on it's own IP range, but on the same subnet:

    Location 1:
    Location 2:
    Location 3:

    All DC's are at the 2003 domain functional level.

    At this point, each of the servers can "see" each other and share files between them but attempts to create trusts between them fail and there are tons of master browser errors on the location 1 and 2 DC's.

    I've already turned off the master browser setting in the registry in locations 1 and 2 as well.

    So.... now that it is a total mess, what I'd like to figure out is how to bring it all together so that location 3 will be the primary DC so that we can replicate the AD to each of the locations so as to not have to duplicate users in each DC?

    How would the domains be renamed so that they would fall under the naming scheme?

    I know there's a lot going on here so please be patient with me.


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    Re: Domain forest issue with domains with similar names


    Lets give it a try like this ----------

    1. What do you want with the existing user accounts & the local dns & dhcp servers set up at a & b buildings ?

    2. Have you added & configured the subnets in the sites & services console in order for the trust to work ?

    3. Do you want to configure child domain or just want to keep the additional DCs respectively in A & B building locations ?

    If you answer these queries things will be a bit simpler for you to follow and understand the strategy....