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Activating DHCP , Server 2008 R2

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  • Activating DHCP , Server 2008 R2

    Hi All ,

    i have a problem to activate a DHCP on Windows server 2008 R2 , the problem is the red arrow is always down on the title " IPV4"

    i think it needs me to fill up the Credentialis of the DNS dynamic updates . i found the credentials button under properties >> advanced

    but why it needs the credentials and what if i changed the password at any time will the DHCP stops ?


    M Farag

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    Re: Activating DHCP , Server 2008 R2

    A DHCP scope by itself doesn't have to have DNS dynamic updates perms to activate properly. If the scope won't activate, there should be error log entries which give you a clue as to why it won't.

    You can run the DHCP service under the credentials of a domain service account (how I do it), so yes, if the password changes, then DHCP breaks. But typically once a service account is set up, the password should never BE changed. But if you do change the password for that account on the domain, simply change the password on the 'log on' tab of the DHCP Server service properties as well, where the service account name should already be entered. Click OK when done and start the service, then activate the scope.
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