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DHCP Server Migration to Different Forest

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  • DHCP Server Migration to Different Forest

    I am migrating DHCP services for a site from one forest to another. I think doing a regular backup and restore should be ok, ie...
    netsh dhcp server export/import
    The current server is leasing to both domains, the scope option I am wondering about is 015 DNS Domain Name. It is currently set for domain A, and the server is being moved to domain B. I am wondering what the repercussions will be for changing that setting to Domain B.

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    Re: DHCP Server Migration to Different Forest

    Moving just a scope to a new server shouldn't be a problem, just make sure your settings in the new domain are correct for the clients in that domain. If Domain B has it's own DNS server, then changing opt 015 to the IP address of the Dom B server is the right thing to do. Just make sure to de-authorize that same scope in Domain A once you export it so the 2 sources don't issue the same addresses to different clients at the same time.

    If both scopes are to be kept running, you'll have to put exclusions in each, for the other's range.
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