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Extending Subnet

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  • Extending Subnet

    Hello All!

    Its been a while since I posted on here, but need some help. We currently have 2x 2003 Domain controllers with DHCP enabled, I have installed 2x new 2008 R2 Domain controllers and DNS, now I want to switch the DHCP to the new servers.

    I am aware of many tutorials for this, and should be pretty easy. However it is worth changing our subnet mask from to to get some more IPs as we are running out, apart from logging onto everything that has a static IP and changing the subnet mask and changing the DHCP subnet mask and range on the new servers.

    Do I need to do anything to DNS on the new servers? Anything on the Domain controllers? How about Forefront TMG? (I presume with TMG its a simple subnet mask change on the NIC to take affect?)

    Any pitfalls to look out for?


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    Re: Extending Subnet

    with TMG - you may need to look at your network sets and computer sets, not just change the info on the interface.
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      Re: Extending Subnet

      Nothing needs done on your DNS servers as it uses the IP and can tell if it is on the same range due to the SNM.

      TMG sorry no idea, never used it.