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Quick 2003 DHCP Question

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  • Quick 2003 DHCP Question

    It's a simple question, but although I've searched I can't find an answer to this...

    I have a client with 2x 2003 DHCP Servers. He's using a 50/50 split scope, ie. both servers are using the same range however one server excludes half, the other server the other half.. standard stuff.

    The first server has 98% of its address pool already leased. The second server has only leased 2% of its addresses. This is probably expected behavior as the first server happens to get its DHCPOffer out quicker, therefore the client rarely negotiates an address lease with the second server. Again, standard stuff.

    Here's the question:

    When the first server runs out of addresses to lease, will the second server simply begin assigning leases?

    I suspect it will as the first server will stop sending offers and the client will take the second server up on its slower offer, but I need to confirm this before my client runs into possible trouble. Can somebody please confirm if this is correct?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Quick 2003 DHCP Question

    <damn 10 char limit>
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      Re: Quick 2003 DHCP Question

      Originally posted by Ossian View Post
      <damn 10 char limit>


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        Re: Quick 2003 DHCP Question

        hello smedge...

        Just to add.. its not really a that the other DHCP server is "taking over". Both servers are (should be) responding to the DHCP Discovery packets. Its just that either the first server has a faster link, cpu, storage,etc. which allows the responses to get to the requestor faster. I am confident that if you were to take a packet capture, you'll see both servers responding.

        You can create a delay in the relay agent, but I generally dont bother with those settings. As indicated, once the scope fills on one server, the other will be able to get those leases to the client.
        JM @ IT Training & Consulting