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Server 2008 R2 Multiscoped/Subnet DHCP Server

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  • Server 2008 R2 Multiscoped/Subnet DHCP Server

    hi all,

    i have a large network that i am trying to organize the dhcp for. i want it to look like this: - = static ip's for servers - = static ip's for network equipement (switches etc...) - = static ip's for printers - = dhcp ip's for wired workstations and laptops - = dhcp ip's for wireless devices

    i will also have vpn sites: - = dhcp for site A - = dhcp for site B

    i wanted to achieve this with 1 dhcp server at head office using multiple scopes for each ip range to manage everything including my sanity.

    if anyone knows how to achieve this i will be forever in your debt.

    thanks all

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    Re: Server 2008 R2 Multiscoped/Subnet DHCP Server

    The DHCP configuration for this network design is very easy and simple. The more challenging part is the design of the network.

    Since you plan on having the DHCP service multiple network segments, the best approach is for your network to have VLANs configured for each logical segment. You will also need for each network segment to have a DHCP relay agent (IP Helper) configured on the router/gateway servicing each VLAN that you plan to service with DHCP.

    Based on your description, you really only need to define 4 scopes, one for each network segment that you want to service with DHCP. The network segments that will be used by equipment (servers, printers, etc...) that will be statically assigned have no need for DHCP configuration.

    I would also recommend that you configure 2 DHCP servers, rather than one. You can create the same scopes on both DHCP severs and create exclusions so that you split the available address in a 50/50 fashion with no overlapping IP ranges. This is so that if one DHCP server fails, the other can continue to service your clients.
    JM @ IT Training & Consulting


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      Re: Server 2008 R2 Multiscoped/Subnet DHCP Server

      thanks for your reply jm, i had a feeling that vlans would play a part in my future.

      i understand the theory but not the practical.

      we have procurve 2800 series and above... how do i set a vlan up on them and then have a dhcp scope only dish out on that v-lan. also would i then need to configure routing to allow everything to talk to each other ?

      also if i just wanted a large dhcp scope of say - 10.0.10 and added reservations for servers, printers, switches etc... would that be ok and would everything still talk to each other ?

      thanks for your help again... i'm going in at the deep end here as my company has just murged with several other, so im going from a small - 254 network to a larger scale... im almost embarresed to be asking these questions

      thanks again


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        Re: Server 2008 R2 Multiscoped/Subnet DHCP Server

        Just adding to [JM] advice.

        Certainly don't be embarrassed, everyone has had to do something for the first time. It's great to know that you happy to ask for advice to ensure you do the right thing rather than guessing.

        Windows 2008 R2 has a wizard feature that allows you to split scopes across multiple DHCP servers should you go down that line.

        The advantage of using reservations for systems is that you can continue to control DNS and gateway configuration etc. However, I tend to prefer static IPs myself depending on the size of the network.


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          Re: Server 2008 R2 Multiscoped/Subnet DHCP Server

          Neo, nothing to be worried about. You're asking the right questions.
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            Re: Server 2008 R2 Multiscoped/Subnet DHCP Server

            Hey NeoMorph,

            You are in a great situation. Its not often we are able to design and implement new designs on existing networks. After a while its gets real boring when you are just maintaining the same old network, so look at this as an opportunity...

            Anyways...with regard to the procurves, I am not familiar with that line, but you should be able to refer to their documentation for creating the VLANs and setting up the relay agent configuration on the interfaces. Yes, routing is going to be a part of the network config. I would first focus on all of the vlan and routing, then move onto the DHCP configs. Work you way up from layer 1 up to 7.

            You could go with one big subnet but depending on the type of traffic on your network, that may not be a good thing. You see, on a logical subnet, you have one broadcast domain. Any type of broadcast traffic (arps, dhcp, etc..) will reach each host on that segment. Also depending on your requirements, you cannot secure traffic from each other on one big subnet. VLANs provide you with more control.

            I would suggest that you take a look at the HP docs or if you have maint/support, give them a call as they may be able to walk you trough some of the configs.
            JM @ IT Training & Consulting