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DHCP Server with multiple Scope Problem

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  • DHCP Server with multiple Scope Problem

    Hello All,

    I need help or hints if this can be implemented. I have Win 2003 as DC, DNS and DHCP server. I configured DHCP server with multiple scopes as follows:

    Superscope Subnet B:
    Scope[] LDB <--- Start IP: End IP:
    Scope[] AdminHome <--- Start IP: End IP:

    At the moment my home network setup as follow:
    1. Win 2003 (static IP
    2. Router (IP relay DHCP server to
    3. All clients computers (1 Win XP Pro and 2 Win 2008 ) connected wirelessly trough router and obtained IP addresses automatically within AdminHome scope.

    How can I configure the DHCP server so the client computer (Win XP) get its IP from AdminHome scope and the other two clients (Win 2008 ) from LDB? Is this possible or do I need to install another DHCP server?

    Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot,
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    Re: DHCP Server with multiple Scope Problem

    All your machines are on the same subnet. When a client looks for a DHCP server it broadcasts the request across the network. There is no way to control how the broadcast is directed. The first DHCP server to receive the request will respond.

    So, you have two choices on your home network. Either assign static addresses to the three clients or create reservations (IP --> MAC Address) within the scopes you have created.
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      Re: DHCP Server with multiple Scope Problem

      In addition to blood's suggestions, to really design this properly according to what you are trying to accomplish, you would need to establish VLANs. I think that there is a general misconception about the use of superscopes.

      In the scenario of a single subnet, if you want certain nodes to receive specific IP leases from DHCP, another option is for you to create DHCP reservations.

      Unless you are going to establish VLANs and route on this network, which I do not necessarily recommend since your description doesnt require it, remove the superscope and create a new single DHCP scope. Then just establish DHCP reservations for those systems that you wan to assign specific IPs to. For a small network, there really isnt a huge advantage over the DHCP reservations vs statics, but if the target machines where mobile devices, the reservations would make much more sense so that you wouldnt have to statically re-IP the devices every time they joined your network.
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        Re: DHCP Server with multiple Scope Problem

        Please use the search feature within this forum.
        It's discussed many many times quite recently, likje
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